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How to create free blogs on Adishakti Web Solutions with WordPress Hosting?

Step by step guide for how to create free blogs with Adashakti Web Solutions?

There are the next 7 steps needed to get your dream blogs.

1. You have to must register first for a free blog.

2. Fill your personal information carefully with the registration form, then select the blog name with the subdomain, then click on the signup button.

3. Verify your email ID, go to the email account and click on the active button for the verification email.

4. You can log in to the administrative account with the following information: Check your email ID for the log in details.

5. Once you’ve gone to the dashboard, you have to access admin sidebar, then go to the sidebar for my site, you may also click on “add new" button for another free blog.

6. Then be ready to convert your blog or website to your own admin panel.

7. Create a blog post by going to “Posts -> Add New." Once you’ve completed your blog post, you’ll have to click on the Save and Update button regularly.

Congratulations – you’re ready to launch!

(If you go with a paid subscription plan for your personal, business and custom website)

First register: –

Then go to website pricing plans for shopping: – 

How to register paid websites on Adishakti Web Solutions? For more information

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