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How to register for purchasing paid web design plan?

How to register paid web design plan for any type of website with Adishakti web solutions?

10 essential steps for getting your dreamed website, next to is

How to register for purchasing paid web design plan?

1. You have to must register first for paid websites.

2. Carefully fill out the registration form, then you will be eligible to buy a website.

3. Fill your personal details with the registration form, then choose a site name with subdomain, then click on signup button. now you ready to log in, for access your own dashboard with the wp-admin panel.

4. Verify your email id, go to an email account & click on the activate button link for email verification.

5. You can log in to the administrator account with the following information check your email id for log in details.

6. Once you've gone to the dashboard, you have to access admin sidebar, then go to the sidebar for my site, you may also click on “add new" button for another free blog.

7. Then go to the website pricing plans page link on menus for purchase.

: – 


go to the shopping centre page link on menus then choose your website plan with add to cart button.

8. Purchase a website you have signed up, click on the buy now button, then click on PayPal button for payment.


Click on the proceed to checkout button, fill the details of billing carefully, then choose the available type of payment as you like.

9. After choosing any kind of website pricing plan you have to must send all the content on this Mobile & WhatsApp no: – 91-9922927156, like text, images, audios, videos, information about you & your business, Bio, contact,  address, phone no, email id, products etc, because it is so important for filling information on your website.

10. We will deliver your website in some working days according to the type of website you have chosen.

Note for paid users:-
Don't worry about your personal information, you must have to share your personal data regularly, it is too important for maintenance & website update, we don't share any information with anyone, it has a fully protected by Adishakti web solutions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us in our office time.

on Mobile & WhatsApp no: – 91-9922927156.

Best Regards,
Adishakti web solutions

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