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How Can You Avoid Monotony in Web Design?

Web designing is an art. Web designing is monotony as well. Let us clarify. No matter, how professional a website looks, the creative acumen of the designer is always evident from it. Yes, you are working within a confined space and with set criteria (the client’s orders). However, there is no doubt about the fact that there is a constant process of your creative energies when it comes to selecting layouts, fonts, images and a lot more. However, things might get a little monotonous with too many client projects in the fray. Avail the tips mentioned below in order to avoid monotony when it comes to web designs.
The many use of flat design
One of the stock elements of modern websites is flat design. Yes, most web designers out there employ flat designs. Flat designs have both positive and negative aspects. However, it is not really prudent to use these designs indiscriminately just because every other designer is using the same. It would be sagacious on your end to ensure that you are actually studying the needs of the business thoroughly before coming up with a layout. The same applies to Photoshop and Sketch. At a technical level, an efficient designer should be able to comprehend the positive and negative aspects of both the disciplines in compliance with the business needs.
Sliding banners: Will they be as effective as they used to be, in the years to come?
A lot has been said regarding the sliding banners. A lot of web designers use these attractive banners backed by catchy tag lines and bright colors. In the recent years, however, it has been noticed that visitors are more comfortable with lesser cluttered one page designs. You can still find most of web developers continuing with this particular practice. You can be one of the few who don’t really conform to the conventional.
Font Awesome

Make sure you are researching well on the multiple icon styles before zeroing in on one. The common practice is to use Font Awesome in combination with flashier icons. And, this is where most of the designers go overboard – quite generically. Icons are definitely one of the most notable ways of establishing brand identity. However, there is no room for random flash-flashy for the sake of being flashy.
Please make sure you are keeping these points in view while zeroing in on the next web design.


Source by Sri Shukla

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